WHO WE ARENVI employees work with a variety of materials from area manufacturers.

Northern Valley is a not-for-profit corporation that enjoys a distinctive position by serving the public as a vocational development and community job placement facility. Not only do we provide many necessary services and programs for people with varying individual needs, we also have a strong presence in local industry as a subcontractor to area businesses.

While we do receive income from different agencies, the majority of our operational budget comes from the revenue generated from our subcontract work. Our workforce of over 100 consumers and staff consistently meet the demands of doing high-quality, on-time work for the companies which entrust us to execute the production of their product at the level they themselves would.

Providing a workplace for those with disabilities is not the only service available through Northern Valley, we also work with individuals to find employment in the community. This combination of opportunities within the facility as well as the community allows individuals to progress along their vocational pathway at their own pace.

One of the key elements of our service formula is our subcontract fabrication, assembly and packaging business. This is real work for real pay, not a make-work program. The companies we subcontract with are the best firms in the area, with high standards for quality and on-time delivery. We have spent years building and maintaining systems that ensure our quality and delivery systems match their own. This commitment to meeting their needs has enabled us to build long-term relationships with these businesses. We have learned how to deliver effective vocational programming in a well-managed not-for-profit business.

Our future requires that we maintain a successful facility-based prevocational program, effective community job placement services, and a successful subcontract business.


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