Employment Services

Putting the pieces together for a successful job placement A variety of gross motor and fine motor work gives employees options in the work they do.

Finding and keeping a job in the community can be difficult without help fitting all the pieces together.

It is easier when you have someone working with you and for you. Our supported employment staff members help people find and keep jobs in the community.

When you enter Supported Employment, you become part of a team working toward your success in a community job. You, your family, your service team, and our staff will all have responsibilities to fill to make the job search and placement successful for you in the long term. We will work with you and your team to develop a plan that fits your skills, interests, and abilities.

You can depend on our Employment Services staff members to:

  • Work with you to develop a detailed plan that is based on your choices.
  • Work with you to find employers who need your skills.
  • Work with you after you get hired to help you learn the job.
  • Work with you and your employer to help you keep the job by providing job coaching.

If this is what you have been looking for, consider whether Employment Services can be right for you.

To participate in our program, you must be sponsored by another agency such as DVR or Family Care and:

  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Have documentation of a verified disability or other barrier to employment
  • Be ready emotionally to participate in a competitive workplace (not in danger of harming yourself or others) and want to work.
  • Be able to make and follow-through with transportation arrangements (this may mean walking, biking, driving, taking a cab, taking public transportation, or getting a ride from a family member or friend on a consistent basis)
  • Be able to meet or make arrangements for your self-care needs
  • Be willing and able to follow established work rules

How will the Northern Valley Supported Employment staff help when you have a job?

Our staff can provide supervision and support on the job as requested by the employer/employee, help identify job modifications or accommodations that will help you be successful, provide additional training and support to help maintain the success of the job, help correct errors and conflicts if they happen, promote your independence and integration into the workplace and your community, and listen to your concerns and that of your employer.

Ready to put it all together?
Call for more information:

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Employment Consultant
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