Prevocational Services


During an assessment, the staff at Northern Valley and the individual work to discover what workplace skills are already in place and if there are areas where additional skill development is needed. For individuals with limited work experience, assessment is also an opportunity to learn what kinds of work they not only like, but are best at doing.

An important component of the assessment is evaluation of the individual’s “soft” skills. Soft skills are generally non-job specific skills like punctuality, communication, problem-solving, attention to tasks, and hygiene that contribute greatly to success on the job.

An assessment looks at whether all the pieces of an individual’s employment puzzle are in place or if some prevocational development would benefit him or her.

For individuals who are ready to enter competitive community work, Employment Services can help make that happen.

If a bit more learning and experience is needed on workplace skills, individuals may continue in Prevocational Services in our facility and the SOAR classroom.

PREVOCATIONAL SERVICESNVI workers package small parts for a number of area manufacturers.

Getting ready to work or return to work in the community can be as simple as getting some work experience or as complicated as developing a full set of “employee” skills. The needs of each worker are individual and the time they need to prepare for their employment future will be individual as well.

The prevocational services provided at Northern Valley are focused on developing the skills needed by the individual for their future employment success.

Generally, prevocational training includes skill development in the areas of workplace communication, safety, etiquette, following directions, and problem-solving. Participants in the facility-based program work on these skills in an employment setting, with the expectations of a community employer combined with the support needed to learn and practice the skills.

As part of the prevocational plan, individuals working toward an employment outcome will work on any combination of these skills:

  • How to communicate with supervisors, co-workers and customers
  • Understanding the general expectations regarding etiquette and dress in different types of community workplaces
  • How to follow directions
  • How to attend to tasks assigned, with assistance as needed
  • How to work with others to solve problems at work, ask a supervisor and/or co-worker for assistance
  • How to get to and from a workplace, with assistance as needed
  • How to follow general workplace safety rules applicable to different types of community workplaces

At any time during prevocational services that an individual feels ready to make the move to a competitive community job, Employment Services is ready to help.


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