SOAR – Seeking Opportunities and ResourcesA worker uses simple hand tools to assist in assembling parts.

SOAR is a classroom experience that can help answer some of the questions individuals may have about working in the community.

There are resources, organizations, individuals and programs that can assist you in your community job search. Keeping them all straight or even knowing where to start is sometimes overwhelming.

The SOAR classes can help you find out if you are ready, and help you learn the skills you need to move on in your job search. Through SOAR you can take the first steps toward the independence that a community job can offer.

There is a lot to learn and through SOAR you can get the ball rolling. Whether you have been thinking about working in the community for a long time or are just starting to consider the idea, the SOAR classes can help you prepare for this important step toward independence.

Participants who successfully complete SOAR will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively with co-workers and supervisors.
  • Understand the general expectations of working in the community.
  • Work with others to solve problems.
  • Follow general workplace safety rules.
  • Complete tasks with assistance as needed.
  • Understand how to get to and from the workplace as needed.
  • Answer interview questions and complete a job application.
  • Understand workplace etiquette,
  • ...and much more!


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